Unlocking Income Properties for Solar Installations

Join forces with Wand Solar to pave the way for solar adoption in the rental market.

Partnering with Wand Solar

At Wand Solar, we're committed to helping put solar systems on each and every rental property across the globe - single/multi tenant residential, commercial and industrial.
Our revolutionary billing platform allows landlords to sell the solar energy generated from solar systems to their tenants at retail rates, optionally providing a discount, for a win-win situation where landlords make a solid investment with a great ROI, while tenants enjoy green, pollution-free energy, and even a discount compared to grid energy.

Not an installer and interested in partnering with us? reach out to our partner team at partners@wandsolar.com

We Enable You to Install Solar on Rentals

At Wand Solar, we're committed to revolutionizing the rental property market with solar energy. We believe in the power of partnerships to drive sustainable change and create new opportunities for solar installers like you.

Facilitate Decision-Making

Our platform enables you to present landlords with a clear route to solar monetization, simplifying their decision to embrace solar.

New Revenue Streams

Tap into the booming rental property market, with over 14 million rental properties across the US, and expand your customer base.

A Mutual Success

Your success is our success. We've got you covered with comprehensive resources, materials, and unwavering support to ensure you close the deal.

Market Differentiation

In a competitive landscape where rivals battle for deals, seize the opportunity to pioneer a new market and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Steady Flow of Leads

Our unwavering commitment to our partners means your success is our priority. With you at the center of our business, we ensure a continuous flow of leads to keep your business thriving.

Streamlined Process

Our platform simplifies solar billing and payment distribution, making it easy for rental owners and property managers to monetize solar energy across their properties.

The Installer Series

A must-read for installers entering the rental market.

Why Solar Installers Should Target the Rental Market


Single family rentals



Less than


Current market utilization


Annual landlord revenue

How to Become a Partner

Ready to join us in shaping the future of solar energy in rental properties? Apply now to become a Wand Solar partner and unlock exciting new opportunities!



Fill out our partner application form to get started.



Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss next steps.



We'll guide you through the onboarding process and provide you with the necessary tools and resources.


Start Partnering

Begin offering a package of solar installation and Wand Solar's solutions to rental owners.



Install the system that includes a revenue-grade meter, and connect the landlord to our platform.

We make it a no-brainer for landlords to GO solar.

Our benefits for landlords open the rental market for installers.

Clear solar billing

Get accurate bills based on solar energy consumption and utility rates, ensuring transparent and compliant billing for both landlords and tenants.

Quick & easy payout

With seamless online payment processing, tenants’ payments are quick and hassle-free, resulting in prompt payout to landlords.

Seamless onboarding

Landlords easily add properties, connect solar panels, and onboard tenants while ensuring a seamless legal process.

Better property appeal

Never miss a potential tenant due to higher rent prices, attract eco-conscious tenants, and offer electricity discounts.

What our landlords say

Discover the firsthand experiences of landlords who have partnered with Wand Solar to unlock new opportunities and maximize their rental income.

“Effortless Income Generation”

Wand Solar has revolutionized the way I manage my rental properties. With their platform, I can effortlessly monetize solar energy, providing added value to my tenants while increasing my revenue.

Jeff Johnson

“I earn $110 extra a month”

Thanks to Wand Solar, my rental property is not just sustainable but profitable too. The solar billing system has boosted my income while making a positive impact on the environment.

Mei Nguyen

“A Bright Future Ahead”

Choosing Wand Solar was the best decision I made for my rental properties. The seamless integration of solar billing has not only attracted eco-conscious tenants but also enhanced the market appeal of my properties.

James Brown
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The Installer Series