Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Wand Solar?

Wand Solar empowers landlords to monetize their solar investments. With our innovative platform, you can generate income from the solar energy produced on your properties while ensuring a seamless billing process for your tenants.

Do I need additional hardware for Wand Solar to work?

No, Wand Solar does not require any additional hardware. As long as you have solar panels installed on your property, you can take advantage of our solution to bill tenants for the solar energy they consume.

How can I increase my rental property income?

By utilizing Wand Solar, you can charge your tenants for the solar energy they use, just like a utility would. This means you can earn revenue from the solar energy your panels generate while maintaining fair and transparent billing practices.

How much does Wand Solar charge for its services?

Wand Solar charges 10% of the bill charged to tenants for the solar energy they use. This fee allows you to generate income from your solar panels while keeping the pricing straightforward and transparent.

What sets Wand Solar apart from other solutions?

Unlike traditional methods such as flat fees or higher rent prices, Wand Solar offers a groundbreaking solution that bills tenants in a manner similar to utilities. This encourages energy efficiency, ensures fair billing, and enhances your income from solar energy.

How do I get started with Wand Solar?

Getting started with Wand Solar is easy. Simply reach out to our team, and we'll guide you through the setup process. We'll help you maximize your solar investment while providing a win-win solution for both you and your tenants.

Can Wand Solar help me install solar panels?

While Wand Solar primarily focuses on optimizing income from existing solar panels, we also offer a financing solution for landlords interested in installing solar panels on their rental properties.

What's the key benefit of using Wand Solar?

The primary benefit of Wand Solar is that it enables landlords to generate income from solar panels installed on their properties, all while maintaining a positive tenant-landlord relationship and promoting eco-conscious energy usage.

How can I get in touch with Wand Solar for more information?

You can reach us via email at or schedule a call with our team by visiting this link. We're here to assist you and provide more details about Wand Solar.