We stand with the Californian solar industry

Idan Shahar
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March 12, 2024
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We had the pleasure and privilege of sponsoring the CALSSA Lobby Day 2024 event on February 28 in Sacramento, California.

Regulatory changes that took place in the past year, mainly NEM 3.0 (also known as Net Billing Tariff, or NBT) and VNBT, have caused a plummet of about 80% in new installations and lead to a massive wave of layoffs and shutdown of companies.

As a solar billing company which partners with solar installers to bring solar energy to the rental properties market, we rely on the partnerships we foster to bring success to us and our partners. Our partners’ success is our success, and like the rest of the market, they have been heavily impacted by the recent changes. We have decided to take action, and join our partners in the trenches to fight for a brighter future for the Californian solar industry, as the market leader in the US.

CALSSA Lobby Day was a day where the entire solar industry rallied up to the Capitol in Sacramento, to talk to policy makers and representatives, explain to them that these regulatory changes are killing the industry and the tens-of-thousands of jobs that it created in the past two decades, and demand that they take action to change the solar industry for the better.

We are proud to stand with the solar industry and our partners, sponsoring this important event and providing the backing it needs, in order to raise awareness for the issues caused by the decisions made by the CPUC and demand they make the necessary adjustments to help keep California the US leader in solar power. 

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For a greener and better future,
Idan Shahar,
Wand Solar

Idan Shahar
CEO & Co-Founder